How do I choose the best orthodontics for adults and children

Functional orthodontics is about the face fitting the teeth.
Traditional orthodontics is about the teeth fitting the face!!!!

The choices for orthodontic treatment are immense, with appliances like clear aligners, fixed braces, removable braces, twin blocks, bio block, myobrace and quick fix braces. The end result needs to look good (that’s why you are having braces) but your teeth need to be stable and not move and become crooked again in the future!
The important fact to remember is that we should not just be treating the six front teeth.
Functional Early Orthodontics is about treating the teeth and the structures of the face that support the teeth; the tongue, muscles, lips, jaws and breathing. These all contribute to a beautiful and balanced face with the correct lip and tongue position, correct breathing and supporting jaws that function on a healthy Tempero Mandibular Joint. Children can be treated as early as 5 years old.
If all of the above are not functioning correctly and in balance, the end result of the orthodontics will not be stable and the teeth will move if not retained with a fixed wire for the rest of your life. This is not natural, as our teeth are not supposed to be joined together and it can also create periodontal problems.
At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, I offer an array of treatments for every malocclusion. I don’t just use braces!
After doing a full orthodontic examination that includes models of your teeth, photographs, X rays, JVA  and a Bimler cephalometric analysis. I reach a diagnosis based on how much space is needed for all your teeth (we do not extract teeth to make space) and the relationship of your jaws.
Treatment can be anything from; removable braces like an ALF, RN Saggital or 3D Schwarz etc. These are used to create space for all your teeth in the arch and this procedure is called Functional Orthodontics. Once space has been created and the jaws are in the right position, we move on to braces.
Braces are normally fixed onto the teeth and slowly moved with a thin wire. Because the spaces have already been created for the teeth, the braces only need to be on the teeth for 6-12 months saving you time and money!
At Danny de Villiers Dentist, in Weybridge, we also use clear aligners like Invisalign or Smile Tru. These are made of clear plastic and move the teeth over a period of time. BUT because we have created space for all the teeth, we do not have to ‘strip’ your teeth of enamel! In traditional orthodontics, this is what is commonly done and it means that some enamel is taken away between your teeth and the teeth end up being smaller! With Functional Orthodontics, treatment time is also shorter and you save money.
An alternative is Myobrace …….Straight teeth without braces, worn only for an hour a day and at night times.

Functional Orthodontics produces a nice wide smile with all your teeth positioned on correctly formed jaws, supported lips and a healthy jaw joint. NO lifetime retainers!
A must read for any patient or parent is: ‘Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth’ by S Kent Lauson.
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