Treatment of a severe TMJ patient from Weybridge.

Danny de Villiers from Weybridge, saw patient H in July 2013. She was suffering from severe Tempero Mandible Disfunction (TMD) caused by a cross-bite. Her upper jaw was too narrow to accommodate the lower teeth. Her symptoms in her own words:
“Cracking noise in jaw, ringing in ears, migraine aura in left eye, light sensitive, locked jaw, inflammation feeling in left ear, frequent blinking in left side of face, breathing through mouth, dizziness, anxiety, hay-fever symptoms, neck / shoulder tenderness, temple pain, left ear popping, numbness in left hand and don’t feel as if I have slept.”
She had been suffering for years and had seen several practitioners and had taken various medications.
After an extensive examination which included study models, Joint vibration analysis (JVA), X-rays and cephalometric analysis (Bimler), she was fitted with a custom made lower healing splint. Within two weeks, her TMJ symptoms started to ease. She said: “mouth opens wider, light sensitivity improved, dreaming again (deeper sleep), headaches eased, better and more energy, increased work hours”
We started correcting her cross-bite with a removable Nord appliance in September 2013.

She wrote: “the clicking in my jaw has stopped, I am feeling loads better in myself in general. My teeth are starting to feel like they join together better, I don’t get any pain in the left side of my jaw anymore.”
She is now wearing a removable RN Saggital appliance which is developing her upper jaw more and allowing the trapped lower jaw to come forward and thus taking the pressure off her jaw joints.

Her testimonial:
 In December 2012 I started to feel unwell after experiencing excruciating pain in the left side of my jaw, dizziness & balance problems, earache, migraines, blurred vision, restricted opening of my mouth, tinnitus, sleeping problems and light sensitivity. After being referred to doctors, dentists and specialists for 8 months it was becoming clear to me that no-one understood my issues so no-one could diagnose me. As you can imagine I started feeling quite down thinking that I had to live with this for the rest of my life; not only was I now feeling down but also had to cope with all the other symptoms that had hindered me for some time now. I even took 5 months off work as I got so unwell I couldn’t carry out my daily work tasks. It was all doom and gloom until my husband found a site on the internet which displayed the symptoms I was having which referred us to ‘Danny de Villiers’, at this time I didn’t think anyone could help but thought he was worth a visit.
Well this was the best move I had ever made and a breath of fresh air to realise that Danny understood exactly what I was going through, he then performed numerous tests on my jaw and diagnosed me straight away with TMJ disorder (dislocation of the jaw joint) which he said could be treated. After having a splint on my lower jaw and an upper brace it has worked wonders to how I feel today and it has eradicated almost all of the symptoms that I initially had. All this is down to Danny, who is not only professional at all times but is really an outstanding dentist and if it wasn’t for him I would still be feeling unwell as described previously. I still have a little way to go with my treatment but feel back to my old self again which I commend and highly recommended Danny de Villiers for.