I suffer from Parkinson's Disease……. What can help me??

Parkinson’s Disease: Is there a link to your TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint / Jaw Joint)?
We at Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, have been following the research and results show there is a link between your trapped lower jaw, which puts the jaw joint out and symptoms which are normally associated with Parkinson’s disease.
Clinical evidence has shown that some patients with Parkinson’s disease, display symptoms that are in fact, neuropathic manifestations induced by cranio-mandibular dysfunction.
These symptoms include:
Tremors                                                            Memory loss
Limb weakness                                                 Insomnia
Rigidity                                                              Dizziness
Nocturia                                                             Fainting
Speech disturbance                                          Impaired proprioception
Swallow disturbance                                         Loss of smell
Fatigue                                                                 Dystonia (Muscles)
Depression                                                         Imbalance
Anxiety                                                                Gait dysfunction (Walking)
How do you know if your Jaw Joint is damaged?
1.Normal opening is about 45–50 mm
2.Sideways movement about 12-15mm left and right
3.Open straight up and down. No movement to one side or deviation.
4.No pain or clicking or popping of the jaw joint
At Danny de Villiers Dentist, we use computerized joint analysis equipment (JVA) to diagnose any problems in your jaw joint. We also use T-Scan bite analysis to check your bite which could be contributing to you TMJ problems. Follow this link for more information:
If you know anyone with Parkinson’s Disease and/or Tourettes, please watch and share the following link on the ground breaking treatment done by Dr. Brendon Stack in America.

I have been privileged to attend his lectures.
Always a good idea to have your TMJ (Jaw Joint) and bite checked.
If you have any concerns, call Susie on 01932 989785 to book an appointment.