How to look younger??………Is there an alternative to Botox and Fillers????

Looking for an alternative to Botox and Dermal fillers for your facial rejuvenation?
At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, we offer a treatment called Homeoblock / Nu Smile Facelift.
It can be described as:
‘Non surgical facelift that comes from within’
Homeoblock is an orthodontic appliance that restores your natural face shape and symmetry to what it was when you were younger… your genetic potential.
Dentistry is not just about teeth anymore. There is a process known as ‘dentofacial orthopaedics’ which is all about the control and/or modification of facial growth. This can be achieved by wearing a device, that looks like a dental retainer, at night time only. This device is called a HOMEOBLOCK.
Traditional orthodontic treatment applies continual forces on the teeth, but this retainer provides intermittent signals to the teeth when you swallow and bite down.
These intermittent signals are picked up by receptors around the teeth and in the sutures of the bones of the face restarting cranial-facial development in adult patients.
Homeoblock image
The face and airways are linked. So consequently, the developmental process can improve the patient’s airway, preventing sleep and breathing disorders.
Whilst this treatment takes longer than Botox, it also lasts longer than botulinum toxin injections and fillers….… In fact it lasts a lifetime!
*Decrease lines and wrinkles
*More prominent cheekbones
*Better facial symmetry
*Straighter teeth
*Wider smile
*More attractive youthful face
*Fuller lips. More symmetrical mouth
*Youthful eyes
*Reduced sleep apnea
*Increased breathing airway
*Increased oxygen flow
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