Where can I find Emergency Dental Care in Weybridge?

At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, we offer emergency dental care from 8am to 10pm, 7 days per week!
Are you suffering from:
This refers to pain in or around your teeth. It can be caused by a cavity (decay), gum disease, exposed nerves, cracked tooth, wisdom teeth or even jaw pain that is reflected to the teeth.
2.Broken tooth
This can be caused by an accident or decay that weakens the tooth. This should be looked at by a dentist to prevent any further complications.
Emergency pic 1
3. Knocked out tooth
This is very serious and you must be seen by a dentist immediately. Keep the tooth moist and take it with you to the dentist. The tooth can sometimes be re-attached.
Emergency pic 2
4. Swelling (Abscess)
This is mostly associated with severe pain. It can be caused by decay, injury or an old root canal treatment. There is normally puss in the tooth that needs to be drained to relieve the pain. Antibiotics are sometimes needed to control the infection and prevent it from spreading.
Emergency pic 3
 5. Broken or loose crown / veneer
A crown is made of porcelain that covers the tooth. It can come out if it gets decay under it and does not fit well anymore. If left off, it can cause pain or fracture. It needs to be put back to protect your tooth from infection.
Emergency pic 4
7. Decayed tooth
This means there is a hole in your tooth. It is normally caused by bacteria that damages the tooth enamel. It needs to be repaired before the decay spreads to the nerve and can cause pain / abscess.
Emergency pic 5
 8. Jaw ache
Jaw ache or TMJ/ TMD is caused by the jaw joint that is not working properly and gets inflamed. Symptoms are: pain in front of ear, limited opening, jaw muscle pain, un-explained toothache, headaches, clicking in joint and tooth grinding.
Emergency pic 6
9. Sports injury
A knock on a tooth can cause damage to the nerve of the tooth which can lead to toothache or for the tooth to go darker. You must be seen by a dentist immediately to prevent future problems.
9. Fractured tooth
This can cause pain and discomfort. Sharp edges can damage your tongue or gums. The tooth needs to be repaired to prevent further damage and pain.
Emergency pic 7
10.  Loose tooth
In children this is not a problem, as the ‘baby tooth’ falls out to make space for the permanent tooth. It can be a problem if it does not fall out by itself and the new tooth comes out in the wrong position. It is the necessary to remove the ‘baby tooth’. This is really easy and painless.
In adults a loose tooth can be caused by gum infection over the years. If a front tooth falls out, it can be very embarrassing! This can be prevented by regular dentist and hygienist visits to prevent gum disease.
11. Broken denture
We can repair this for you immediately at the practice. You won’t need to be without it at all and be embarrassed.
Emergency pic 8
12. Wisdom tooth pain
Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain as the tooth is trying to come out and causes pain and inflammation in the area. You will need antibiotics and if this reoccurs, need to have the tooth removed in the future.
Emergency pic 9
 13. Root canal treatment
This is needed when the nerve of the tooth gets infected. Causes are decay, blow to the tooth, grinding teeth, crack in a tooth or a large filling / crown.
Root canal treatment can get rid of the pain and save the tooth.
Emergency pic 10
Please call 01932 989785 for more information.
Visit: https://www.dannythedentist.co.uk/dental-emergency-weybridge.html