The Seemingly Harmless, But Harmful Things We Do To Our Teeth

You brush your teeth after every meal and floss religiously. Yet your teeth are still not as white and as strong as you would like. Where did you go wrong? The answer may not be as mysterious as you think.
oral hygieneAs you try to practice good oral hygiene and care, you also commit harmful things of which you are not aware. Due to ignorance or mere stubbornness, you continue to commit damaging practices on a daily basis, right up to the point where more major treatments are needed.
Let us share some common yet unrealised errors in dental care.
Brushing your teeth immediately after a meal
Brushing right away causes the mouth’s natural acid to stick to the teeth. This can lead to damage and erosion of the enamel, hence making the teeth weaker and more sensitive.
Using the teeth to open bottles and other things
Shockingly, many people do not realise the damaging consequences of using the teeth as a bottle opener. The makeup of the teeth is not strong or sharp enough to bite off a rubbery chunk of meat, much less when matched against metal. This can result in chipping or loosening of the teeth from the gums.
Eating between meals
Some light snacking seems innocuous enough, but it can actually lead to cavities. Regular contact of teeth to food chemicals increases instances of plaque accumulation, hence the formation of cavities. If you are hungry, go for tooth-friendly food, such as crudites or unsalted nuts, which have vitamin D and calcium that can sustain oral health.
Using whatever toothbrush is available
More specifically, using cheap and hard-bristled toothbrushes. Many do not give it much thought, but choosing the best-quality toothbrush is a must for healthy gums and teeth. Contrary to beliefs, those with hard bristles do not clean better than soft to medium ones. They may even damage the teeth, gum and protective enamel of the teeth.
Regular consumption of fizzy and acidic drinks

As much as alcoholic drinks are a problem, fizzy drinks and other acidic juices, such as lemon or strawberry drinks, have a corrosive effect and may cause the teeth to erode. Moreover, fizzy drinks have high sugar content. And as we all know, sugar is a known cause of cavity build-up.
To maintain healthy teeth, always adhere to the prescribed practices and avoid the wrong habits. Common as they are, it does not make them any less dangerous to your oral health.
If you think you might have a tooth or gum problem, contact us so we can discuss your treatment options.