It is Possible to Have Great Teeth and Smile within a Year?

Many people do not like to visit the dentist, which is partly the reason for increasing dental problems in the UK. Apart from the costs, pain and lengthy treatments are the usual reasons that prompt many people to avoid visiting the dentist.
6 Month SmilesTraditional dental treatments usually take years, but technology has made it possible to achieve good great teeth and smile for less. Here at Danny de Villiers Dentist, we offer the 6 Month Smiles, an orthodontic method designed fix portions of the teeth in a span of 3-6 months.
How does it work?
Dentists will move teeth to the preferred position in a quick yet safe manner. Using minimal force, this accelerated orthodontic treatment displaces and moves the teeth by weakening and healing the bones. Duration of the treatment varies on the treatment goals and the state of the patient’s teeth. The procedure may be invasive or not, depending on the treatment required.
Why do it?
Patients who get 6 Month Smiles will experience short treatment times compared to traditional orthodontics. Less treatment time means fewer pains. Traditional metal braces are big and heavy, which can be troublesome for the wearer. The method uses small-wired braces, which they have to endure for a short while.
6 Month Smiles causes fewer dental costs, as well. Traditional dental treatments take years of appointments, which can affect your finances. This method cuts the costs that come with appointments plus the treatments.
People will be more confident and comfortable to talk and smile with 6 Month Smiles. The braces have clear brackets and white wires, which blend in with the teeth. These are not noticeable immediately, so it will look as if a person is not wearing any braces at all.
Keep in mind that 6 Month Smiles may not apply to everyone. It is still advisable to talk to a dentist about this in detail. At Danny de Villiers Dentist, we help people have the smile that they have always wanted. We use the latest technologies and techniques to fix teeth at lesser cost and hassle. Call us today to know more about our products and services.