Easy Ways to Make Your Smile a Showstopper

There is increasing emphasis on having a nice smile, but unfortunately most of us weren’t born with perfectly straight, white teeth. Things can get even worse as we age, as lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and enjoying too much tea and coffee can all take its toll. In addition teeth can begin to move and shift when we age, and that’s without factoring in common dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease, or having some sort of accident that knocks out or chips a tooth. So what can you do if your smile is less-than-perfect, and you’re fed up of being self-conscious when talking and laughing with others?
dentist in WeybridgeYour dentist in Weybridge has the answers, as modern dentistry can create a beautiful new smile, or can just be used to help slightly improve the look of your natural teeth. It’s all down to how far you’d like to go to change the look of your teeth, and how much is actually necessary. It might be a lot less than you think, as even minor changes it can create a dramatic difference. The first thing to decide is how much you’d like to change your smile, and the type of look you would like to achieve. It can help to cut out photographs of people who have an appealing smile, but you do need to remember you are unique, and something that looks good on them won’t necessarily be right for you. Dr Danny De Villiers will be able to assess your smile, and will listen to your aims before formulating a treatment plan that will be fully customised for you.
Treatments that can be used include teeth whitening, dental bonding and tooth enamel reshaping, white fillings, crowns and veneers and adult orthodontics. The first few treatments on this list are relatively straightforward and can be completed in quite a short time. Procedures such as dental bonding and tooth enamel reshaping, and replacing old fillings with white fillings can all be done in just one or two appointments. These treatments are very affordable and can make a lot of difference to a smile, especially when combined with tooth whitening. Danny the Dentist can supply you with custom-made tooth whitening trays that fit comfortably and closely around your teeth so there is no risk of the whitening gel leaking out and damaging your gums. Home tooth whitening usually takes around a couple of weeks to complete, and you can top up the results at regular intervals.
Lots of people will find this is sufficient to give their smile a boost, but some people will want to take things further and to have a complete transformation. This can be achieved through the use of veneers, crowns and dental implants to replace any missing teeth. If some of your teeth are crooked or out of alignment it’s likely your dentist in Weybridge will suggest adult orthodontics. This does take a little longer to complete but there are several advantages to taking this route. Straightening your teeth can be the most conservative way to help improve your smile. The idea is always to preserve as much of your natural tooth material as possible, and it’s likely fewer teeth will need veneers once they are straightened.
A great smile makeover does take quite a lot of planning, and some of the treatments listed above may take several months to complete if you’re planning ahead for a special event, it’s always best to allow as much time as possible to complete your smile makeover.