Is Your Smile in Need of Some TLC?

Is your smile looking less than its best? For quite a few of us the answer is apparently yes. Recent research carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation shows that 27% are unhappy with their smile, something that can have a detrimental effect on personal and professional relationships.
tooth whitening in WeybridgeAccording to the survey three quarters of people thought their confidence would improve if they had a nicer smile, and nearly half felt being unhappy with the way their teeth looked kept their confidence levels low. One in 10 replied it had affected their relationships. Nearly three quarters of those unhappy with their teeth say they never smile in photographs, and somewhat surprisingly it’s men rather than women who feel this way. In fact one in three men retouches every selfie taken compared to just one in eight women.
If this all sounds brother familiar then at least you know you’re not alone. In addition, visiting your dentist in Weybridge can help provide a solution to any dental issues you may have. You’ll find Danny the Dentist offers a large range of cosmetic dental treatments, and many are pretty affordable and may also help your dental health. The easiest way to find out more is to simply book a consultation with Dr Danny De Villiers, or a checkup and professional cleaning if you haven’t visited a dentist for a while. It will be necessary for your dentist to assess your oral health before you can have any sort of treatment. This is because it could affect the type of treatments offered.
Two of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments include tooth whitening and porcelain veneers, and both require teeth to be healthy and reasonably strong. If you wish to have porcelain veneers then it’s important the teeth being veneered don’t have any significant tooth decay or large fillings. The reason for this is that removing any more tooth material to make room for the veneers could weaken the tooth too much, and in this case it might be better to opt for a ceramic crown. This is because a ceramic crown covers up the entire tooth right down to the gum line and can help restore strength and structure to a badly decayed tooth.
Tooth whitening in Weybridge is an excellent way of quickly brightening up your smile, but it can only be used on teeth that don’t have any signs of gum disease or cavities. This is because the process uses hygiene peroxide which is essentially bleach, and if it is able to penetrate the teeth or gums through any diseased areas then it could cause discomfort or even pain which is not something anyone wants  want to happen. In fact tooth whitening at the Danny the Dentist is extremely safe and effective, as the treatment is customised to take into account any issues with tooth sensitivity, and using custom made whitening trays at home gives you much more control over the whole procedure. If you do experience any sensitivity issues then it’s easy just to stop treatment for a day or two until the teeth settle back down.
The solution for improving your teeth could be much easier and more straightforward than you imagine, and you could have the smile you are proud of in no time at all. There’ll be no need to touch up those selfies anymore.