Put a Spring in Your Step with a Mini Smile Makeover

The improving weather heralds the perfect time to think about having a mini smile makeover so you can face the lengthening days with brighter and whiter teeth. Danny the Dentist can do a lot to help improve your smile, and you don’t even need to spend very much money to make quite a difference.
Whitening Your Teeth Safely with the Supervision of Your Dentist in Weybridge
cosmetic dentist in SurreyFor instance tooth whitening is one of our most popular treatments and is a great way to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in Weybridge can supply you with custom-made whitening trays and will prescribe the correct strength of whitening gel to gently oxidise the stains on your teeth. These whitening trays are super simple to use, and you’ll be provided with full instructions on how to do so. You can even purchase refills at regular intervals to top up the effects. Of course we are here to help at any time, and you’re always encouraged to ask questions if you’re ever unsure of how to use a product. One of our dentists in Weybridge will also give you a full dental check-up before we give you the go-ahead for tooth whitening, ensuring this treatment is completely safe.
Get Rid of Old Silver Fillings and Stained White Fillings
This is another simple quick fix, and it could be that your fillings have reached the end of their natural life and that your teeth will benefit from their replacement. We don’t recommend replacing fillings just for the sake of it, but if yours are old and stained or have begun to leak and crumble then it’s definitely time to get them replaced with new cosmetically pleasing tooth coloured fillings. The latest composite resins come in numerous different shades, and it’s likely your cosmetic dentist in Weybridge will use several different shades when creating and shaping your new filling. Sometimes a decayed or damaged tooth cannot be repaired with an ordinary filling as the area is too big.
Bigger Fillings Can Be Replaced with CEREC Inlays and Onlays
If this is the case then Dr Danny De Villiers or your cosmetic dentist in Weybridge is likely to recommend you have CEREC fillings. These are beautiful and are made from a single block of porcelain that is milled into shape using the latest CAD/CAM technology. This technique can even be used to create crowns and veneers, and all can be made in one single visit while you relax in our comfortable surgery.
No Need for Messy Impressions
One really nice thing about this technology is that there’s no need to have impressions taken of your teeth, as we know some patients find this very uncomfortable, especially those who have a strong gag reflex. Instead the tooth is scanned and computerised technology is used to create the design for the new restoration. The information is then sent to our milling machine, and your cosmetic dentist in Weybridge will have preselected a block of porcelain that closely matches the natural shade of your teeth. Once the restoration has been milled it is finished and glazed and polished before being bonded onto your tooth. The strength of this material helps to restore the strength to your natural tooth, making this an excellent restorative treatment.