Plaque-Causing Habits You Need to Stop Now

Plaque is your teeth’s number one enemy.
It is the villain in every white smile story; you cannot smile brightly due to a sticky film substance covering the enamel of your teeth. The bacteria also destroy your teeth’s protective covering, and that’s when cavities begin to damage your teeth. Left unresolved, plaque causes tartar on your teeth.
gum diseaseDespite our preference for plaque-free teeth, regular habits play a part in this unwanted development. Some believe that keeping plaque off teeth is a complicated process. On the contrary, consistency is the key to a healthier set of teeth.
If you want a brighter, whiter smile, here are 3 habits you should stop:
Not brushing twice a day
Regular brushing is a sure fire protection for your dental health. Your toothbrush is your greatest weapon against the damaging effects of plaque. It is tempting to forego brushing your teeth twice but it comes with serious consequences. Tartar above the gum line causes gum disease and gingivitis.
Brush your teeth gently twice or three times a day or 30 minutes after each meal. Use a fluoride toothpaste. There is no mandatory technique when it comes to brushing your teeth; just make sure you reach all areas and you do it gently.
Not watching what you eat
Fizzy drinks, lollies and other sweet treats are the perfect food companions, especially after a rough day at work. Unfortunately, too much of these spells trouble for your teeth.
Bacteria enjoy the overwhelming presence of carbohydrates (such as sugar) in your teeth. When you eat excessively, bacteria create a film of plaque that digests sugar into acid, causing tooth damage.
Exercise control over what you eat. This does not mean you should stop eating sweets; limit yourself to one sweet a day and do not forget to brush. Indulgence satisfies your cravings but it can also bring about serious damages.
Not visiting your dentist regularly
All your brushing and flossing efforts will go to waste if you refuse to visit your dentist regularly. You are bound to miss some plaque despite the fervent brushing. You still need the help of a dentist for complete removal.
Set aside your fears regarding your nearest dental clinic. People who neglect regular dental visits are prone to more cavities, which lead to tooth loss.
Love your teeth by stopping these habits. At Danny de Villiers, we help your fight against damaging plaque. Get in touch with us now.