The Problem with Worry: Anxiety and Oral Problems

Whilst anxiety is more of a mental issue, it has many physical symptoms that it almost feels like a physical disorder. Anxiety or constant worrying causes problems that end up having an effect on oral health too. In fact, anxiety tests can determine whether your dental problems are due to nervousness or worrying.

Tooth Grinding

anxiety and oral problemsOne oral issue related to anxiety is bruxism or tooth grinding, especially at night. It occurs while sleeping and many people with this problem have no idea that they are grinding their teeth. Bruxism can wear down the tooth’s enamel and give you headaches at night. You may only start to notice the problem when you start to feel pain around the jaw.

Acid to the mouth

Anxiety and stress are associated with acid reflux, although it is a completely different condition. This brings acids up to the mouth, possibly damaging your teeth and the enamel. High levels of stress are also linked to gum disease, even though this is mostly because of the habit of anxious and stressed-out people such as disregarding oral hygiene and eating too much sugar as a way of coping emotionally.

Obsessed Over Teeth

Anxiety can cause you to obsess over your teeth, and make you believe that every toothache means a serious problem. This may cause you to overbrush to the point that you are already damaging your teeth and gums. There are also those who may note that during an anxiety attack, they feel a toothache or as if their teeth are loosening.

The Case of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth may occur with anxiety and can affect the health of your teeth. It may happen during periods of intense anxiety. Whilst dry mouth is not a serious medical problem, it may contribute to poor nutrition, mouth infections, tooth decay and psychological discomfort.

It helps to maintain a good oral healthcare, but you still need to see your dentist and listen to their recommendations. Your dentist may give you an insight into what likely caused your tooth problem and what you can do about them. Browse through our website today and find out how we can help with your dental issues.