The Advantages of Using Veneers to Treat Gap Teeth

Your lifestyle and care of your teeth will affect how it looks and the probability of getting periodontitis or gaps and spaces. These ailments damage your oral health and also the aesthetics of your face. A simple thing such as smiling may ruin your confidence because of a gap or chipped tooth. In such cases, what treatment should you get?
Veneers as Gap Teeth Treatment
VeneersGap teeth affect your self-confidence whenever you smile; it also exposes you to other dental problems that lead to further damage such as bone loss and periodontitis.
Veneers are dental appliances that treat gaps and spaces between your teeth. This is a thin piece of porcelain that a dentist bonds on top of a tooth. Before installation, a practitioner creates a veneer that matches the colour of your teeth to make it look natural, helping you regain confidence without feeling awkward.
1. Hiding imperfections, such as dark stains and spaces between teeth, and enhancing your smile and making it look pearly white.
2. Adding an extra layer of protection for your teeth, preventing future cracks or chips and bacteria that may cause gum disease.
3. Being easy to maintain. This makes it last longer than its contemporaries without frequent replacements.
Danny de Villiers provides you with first-rate cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your confidence and smile.
Let Danny de Villiers Help You
Our team at Danny de Villiers offers clients friendly, comfortable and expert dental treatments. We effectively alter the appearance of your teeth, by treating the shape and spacing problems caused by gaps and other problems. The practice also restores the colour of teeth to make them look naturally beautiful again.
We use advanced technology, such as Spectro Shade, to analyse the colour of each patient’s teeth for our tooth whitening and cosmetic procedures. This makes sure that the new veneer or crown installed matches with your teeth.
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