Your First Few Weeks with New Dentures

Getting used to new dentures may prove difficult, especially if it is your first time to use them. While they are specifically designed to replicate the original dental function, they will never be able to provide you that natural feel. This is the main reason using them can be awkward at first.
denturesFor starters, using new dentures is basically learning to talk and eat all over again. We have listed down the tips that will make the adjustment period a lot more bearable.
Curbing Salivation and Pain
Dentures are technically a foreign object in your mouth. As such, your mouth will likely produce more saliva than usual. At times, you may experience mouth sores. To cope with these changes, rinse our mouth with a warm salt water solution. Wearing them may be painful, but the discomfort will go away once you get used to it. If it stays painful over the weeks, chances are your dentures are a bad fit.
When Experiencing Speech Changes
You may feel that your mouth is full of something. This sensation may alter the way you speak and pronounce words for some time. You may even feel that your voice is much louder than usual. Do not stress this out. It is normal. What you need to do is speak slowly until you get used to your dentures.
Choosing Your Food
Eating and drinking will certainly feel weird. To prevent any inconveniences, we recommend that you only eat soft and non-sticky food. Soup, yogurt, boiled potatoes are all permissible. Avoid chewing gum at all costs.
Taking Care of Your Dentures
Take care of your dentures the way you take care of your real teeth. Just like natural teeth, dentures become vulnerable to damage if you do not clean them properly. Other than brushing them, put them in a glass of cleaner overnight.
These are only some of the things you need to know about living with dentures for the first time. Read up on our blogs for more dental health tips.