Imagine if the dentist didn’t need the drill. . .

What would you say if we told you that trips to the dentist no longer need to involve the drill? Even for patients who need fillings? This may sound like a dream come true, particularly for nervous patients. At Danny De Villiers dental practice in Weybridge, drill-free treatment is now a reality, thanks to laser dentistry.
danny de villiers dentist in weybridgeOur Weybridge dental practice is keen to remain at the forefront of developments in dental technology. Patient comfort is key, which is why we embrace the use of lasers for many treatments.
How can my dentist fill my tooth without using the drill?
At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge we use the Aquacut Quattro tool to remove decayed tooth tissue. The precision offered by this piece of equipment means we can preserve healthy tooth structure, remove only the desired areas of decay, and eliminate the risk of stress fracturing or chipping. We’ve found this greatly improves patients’ comfort.
There is no uncomfortable contact of the drill with the tooth, no need for an injection, and no disturbing drill noises – one of the main causes of dental phobia. In addition there is no vibration, heat generation nor unpleasant smell, making it ideal for nervous patients and for young children with small cavities.
What else can the laser do?
Your dentist can provide a range of other treatments with the help of the laser. It is excellent for soft tissue work including:
Frenectomy – To remove unwanted attachments that cause speech impediments.
Gingivoplasty – Your dentist can shape your gums to even out tooth proportions and replace excess gum tissue.
Remove cold sores – Laser treatment can prevent cold sores before they have a chance to fully break out.
Remove canker sores – Laser treatment can also be used to cure canker sores. The problem is treated in seconds, often before it causes pain.