How a cosmetic dentist can rid your mouth of metal

Patients who have had a lot of fillings in the past may benefit from treatment from a cosmetic dentist. At Danny De Villiers dental practice in Weybridge, we offer a range of treatments to replace metal fillings with more aesthetically appealing alternatives.
cosmetic dentistsMetal amalgam was once the only material available to fill teeth. This material is both very strong and very durable, but particularly if your fillings are near the front of your mouth it can add an unwanted metallic glint to your smile. Amalgam fillings can also discolour over time, looking grey and unpleasant.
A skilled cosmetic dentist can remove your old metal amalgam fillings and replace them with a better-looking alternative. At our practice in Weybridge we have several options for patients who would like to replace their old metal fillings.
Porcelain inlays
Inlays, as the name suggests, sit inside the biting surface of a tooth. They are made of porcelain, which your cosmetic dentist will closely match to the natural colour of your teeth. Inlays are very durable, and are best suited to smaller cavities.
Porcelain onlays
Onlays are also made of tooth-coloured porcelain, and are used for larger cavities. They sit on top of your tooth and provide extra strength – in some ways they are a half-step between fillings and crowns.
White fillings
At Danny De Villiers dental practice in Weybridge, we only use white fillings. They are made of a strong composite material, which is closely matched by your cosmetic dentist to the natural colour of your teeth. This means they will blend in perfectly, and nobody will know that your teeth have been filled.
We are often asked to replace metal fillings with white fillings at our Weybridge practice. The procedure is simple: your dentist will remove your old fillings, along with any areas of decay, will carefully choose the correct shade of composite, and will place your new fillings – all in one appointment.