How a cosmetic dentist can quickly improve your smile

A reputable cosmetic dentist will tell you there is no such thing as a “quick-fix” in cosmetic dentistry. However, there are fast and effective ways to improve the appearance of your smile. At Danny de Villiers dental practice, based in the Weybridge town of Weybridge, skilled cosmetic practitioner Dr de Villiers offers a wide selection of quick and long-lasting cosmetic dental treatments.
cosmetic dentistYour first step is to book a consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentist Dr de Villiers here at our Weybridge practice. He will carefully assess your smile and find out what you would like to achieve, before recommending the best course of treatment. We welcome patients from across Weybridge and beyond.
These are just some of the ways we can help you to boost your smile quickly. Remember, all treatments should only be carried out by a skilled cosmetic dentist.
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is one of the most common treatments patients ask their cosmetic dentist for. At our practice n Weybridge, we offer the popular Zoom tooth whitening system, which is carried out here at the practice.
Your cosmetic dentist will shield your gums and lips and will carefully apply whitening gel to your teeth, before using a special light to activate it. This brightens your teeth and removes everyday stains caused by foods, drinks and smoking.
Replacing metal fillings
Metal amalgam fillings can be safely replaced with either white composite (tooth-coloured) fillings or tooth-coloured inlays and onlays, depending on the size of the cavity. Your dentist will closely match white fillings, inlays and onlays to the natural colour of your teeth, so they will blend in perfectly.
Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain used by a cosmetic dentist to cover permanently stained, gappy, chipped or uneven front teeth. They are attached to the front surface of the teeth using dental adhesive and look very realistic.