The Ultimate Confidence Killer: Unpleasant Breath

Nothing ends a conversation or ruins a first impression faster than bad breath.
bad breathBad breath (also known as halitosis) can easily deter the people around you. Anyone dealing with this condition can attest to how difficult it is physically and emotionally. Whenever you attempt to talk to someone, you find them edging away instead of listening intently. Of course, there is that old play of a friend suddenly offering you mints out of nowhere.
Unpleasant breath can make you terribly self-conscious, but apart from that, it also affects your self-esteem.
How Your Breath Affects your Confidence
Cases of bad breath are common and it should not be an embarrassment, but it is. It can be hard to feel good about yourself when you offend others with your breath. When you see others flinch when you speak, it can be detrimental to your view of yourself. Initially, you think it is just your breath, but as you see the effects, you cannot help but feel bad.
It can also affect your intimacy with family and friends. Chronic or recurring bad breath is unattractive for most people and affects your chances of socialising with others.
The Culprits Behind Unpleasant Breath
There are numerous factors behind your condition. Usually, failure to practice good dental hygiene causes a build up of food particles on your teeth, tongue and gums. Your body’s breakdown of bacteria results in the release of strong odours from your mouth.
Your diet also contributes to how your breath smells. For example, if you always eat meals with pungent food items, such as garlic and onions, these ingredients will definitely spoil your breath.
There is Still Hope
Fortunately, all hope is not lost! You can still regain your confidence by stepping up to halitosis with a few simple tricks. For example, brush and floss your teeth multiple times each day to rid your mouth of bacteria build-up. Also, drink lots of water to increase your saliva, which removes halitosis-causing food particles.
Your dental practice is also your best mate when it comes to battling bad breath. By visiting your dentist, you receive recommendations on how to properly deal with halitosis.
Danny de Villiers Dentist takes the time to come up with the appropriate health plan to improve your oral health. Get in touch with our certified Weybridge dentists and we will help you regain your confidence with fresher breath.