How your dentist can provide pain-free dentistry

Fear of the dentist is very common – in fact it is the main reason adults in the UK give for putting off seeking dental treatment, above lack of time or worry about costs. At Danny De Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, our whole team understand and empathise with nervous patients. We are proud to offer pain-free dentistry, which is helping many people to get the dental treatment they need and the smile they’ve always wanted.
Pain-free dental options
dentistryAt our Weybridge dental practice, we are able to carry out a number of procedures using a laser. Your dentist can use a laser to desensitise your teeth, and can also undertake a number of soft-tissue and periodontal (gum) treatments with a laser, which causes no pain and does not even require an anaesthetic.
We are also able to offer air abrasion options as an alternative to the traditional dentist’s drill. This has several benefits for patients, including no risk of chipping or stress fracturing, and no drill noises, all significantly improving comfort for even the most nervous of patients.
When your dentist uses the Aquacut Quattro air abrasion device to remove decayed areas of a tooth, it is also more conservative than using the drill, as only the desired areas are removed, preserving healthy tooth structure.
The Aquacut Quattro has no direct contact with the tooth structure and local anaesthetic is rarely needed, making this the ideal option for patients with dental phobia.