Contact Danny today for an emergency dentist in Weybridge?

If you need an emergency dentist in Weybridge, call Danny de Villiers Dentist on 01932 989785 as soon as possible. We will try to see emergency patients on the same day whenever possible.
dental-emergencyThe first priority of the emergency dentist at our Weybridge clinic will always be to get you out of pain. Dental pain can be severe, almost unbearable in some cases, and whilst it may not be possible to completely treat your condition in one appointment (for example if you have an infection that requires a course of antibiotics) we will never leave a patient in pain. You will be booked in for follow-up appointments to fully treat your condition as required.
What constitutes a dental emergency, and what will you do?
Many conditions can be classed as a dental emergency, from sudden unbearable toothache to lost teeth, broken teeth or orthodontic appliances to a painful dental abscess.
Below are some common emergency situations, along with what your practitioner can do:
Toothache can be very painful, and it can be hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain. This is our body’s way of telling us something is amiss, so you should see an emergency dentist as soon as you can.
Decay, infection, and damage to the teeth can all cause tooth ache, so your dentist will first establish the cause. Infection may require a course of antibiotics or a root canal treatment, and your tooth may be temporarily filled to give it time to settle.
Lost teeth
Teeth can be knocked out in accidents or injuries involving the mouth. If you still have your tooth, your emergency dentist may be able to reimplant it. Alternatively, there are many tooth replacement options available from our Weybridge practice. Remember to avoid touching the root of the tooth – put it in a clean container covered by milk or saliva and bring it with you.