Weybridge emergency dentist appointments

If you need an emergency dentist in Weybridge, call 01932 989785 to book an urgent appointment with Danny de Villiers Dentist. You can also email reception@dannythedentist.co.uk or complete the online form on our website if you prefer.
emergency dentistThere are many reasons you may need to see an emergency dentist. At our Weybridgedental practice, we always endeavour to see urgent cases on the same day whenever possible. We understand that dental pain can be hard to bear, and our first priority will always be to get you out of pain.
Many patients who require an emergency dentist also experience dental phobia or anxiety. At Danny The Dentist we are empathic and understanding towards nervous patients.
Why you might need an emergency dentist
There are numerous conditions that constitute a dental emergency. Here are some of the most common reasons for needing an urgent appointment, along with what your dentist may do:
Your dentist will first get you out of pain. You may be given antibiotics to treat any infection, and your abscess may be drained.
Lost teeth
We may be able to reimplant your tooth. Keep it clean and covered in either milk or your own saliva.
Broken teeth
Broken teeth can be restored in a variety of ways, including composite bonding, crowns, inlays and onlays.
Lost or damaged fillings
Your fillings can be replaced using composite material.
Wisdom tooth pain
We will get you out of pain, and may arrange for your wisdom teeth removed.
Gum infection
We will get you out of pain and treat any infection. This may require several appointments.
Damaged orthodontic appliances
Your orthodontic appliance should be repaired as soon as possible.