Using invisible braces to straighten your teeth

Invisible braces are one of the most exciting developments in modern dentistry. At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, we offer quick and discreet orthodontic treatment for adults using the near-invisible brace system Six Month Smiles.
invisible-braces-weybridgeDon’t fear orthodontic treatment – let invisible braces help
“Orthodontics” still often equates with obvious metal braces in many people’s minds. Whilst it’s true that these braces are very effective, and remain popular with children and teenagers, at our Weybridgedental practice we understand that metal appliances may not be compatible with many adults’ lifestyles.
But there is another solution. For adults who require fast, efficient and subtle correction of issues affecting their front teeth, Six Month Smiles are often the perfect choice.
Invisible braces in Weybridge
Six Month Smiles are thoroughly modern orthodontics. Decades of research have gone into creating a brace system that blends in with the natural colour of your teeth, making them nigh-on invisible in everyday life.
These braces comprise clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires. As you may have guessed from the name, treatment with Six Month Smiles is often complete in just half a year. Depending on your individual circumstances, treatment could be even faster; the vast majority of cases are complete in between three and nine months.
At our Weybridgedental practice, we can use Six Month Smiles to correct such issues as gappy, crooked, or twisted front teeth. The secret to Six Month Smiles treatment is that, unlike standard brace systems that move all your teeth, these invisible braces focus only on the front six to eight teeth – those that show when you smile.
These braces are also more comfortable than traditional appliances, because they use a low but continuous force to adjust the position of your teeth. Because of the shortened treatment times, Six Month Smiles is also usually cheaper than traditional orthodontics.