Using cosmetic braces to quickly boost your smile

Cosmetic braces, such as the popular 6 Month Smiles system, are an excellent way for adults to quickly and discreetly straighten their teeth. At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, we welcome patients aged 15 and above who have mild to moderate cosmetic issues with their tooth alignment to join us for a 6 Month Smiles consultation.
cosmetic-bracesHow cosmetic braces work
Many people still picture traditional metal braces when they think about orthodontics. Whilst these are still popular with teenagers (and we offer a large number of orthodontic options at our Weybridge dental practice, including non-extraction early intervention orthodontics) for many adults the thought of wearing metal appliances is enough to put them off seeking treatment.
There have been rapid advances in the world of orthodontics in the past three decades or so, with many more discreet fixed brace and removable aligner systems available. For those in need of rapid, subtle cosmetic correction, we have found that 6 Month Smiles are an excellent option.
These braces take the traditional principles of orthodontics, adapt and modernise them to create fast and effective treatment. As with a traditional brace system, 6 Month Smiles use brackets and wires to move your teeth into a better position. One major different, however, is that the brackets are made out of clear ceramic and the wires of tooth-coloured nickel-titanium. This means they blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth, so they aren’t as obvious as traditional metal appliances in everyday life.
Another key point to remember about 6 Month Smiles braces is that treatment is very fast. Six months is the average treatment time, with some milder cases complete in just half that time, and the vast majority finished in a nine-month time frame.
They work so quickly because, unlike standard braces that move all of your teeth. 6 Month Smiles focus only on the front teeth – those in your smile line.
If you are interested in treatment with 6 Month Smiles cosmetic braces, you should come into our Weybridge dental practice for a consultation.
For the ultimate smile boost, many patients at our Weybridge dental clinic enjoy a course of teeth whitening at the end of this treatment.