Why visiting the dentist is now a pain-free experience

If you are scared of the dentist because you are worried it will be a painful experience, it’s time to think again. At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge we embrace the latest dental techniques and technology, and are proud to offer pain-free dentistry to all patients.
pain-free-dentistryIt’s common to be afraid of the dentist, but modern dental techniques have advanced a great deal in recent decades. Two of the most common dental anxieties are the drill and the needle used to deliver local anaesthetic, which can sometimes produce an unpleasant “bee sting” sensation before numbness kicks in. At our Weybridge dental practice, we offer a number of solutions.
Weybridge drill-free dentistry
At Danny de Villiers Dentist, Weybridge, we can often use the Aquacut Quattro in place of the traditional drill. It uses air abrasion to remove decayed tooth tissue, and is a much more conservative treatment option. There is no danger of stress fracturing and no uncomfortable contact with the tooth, nor any unpleasant drilling noise.
Unlike standard rotary cutting instruments, with the Aquacut Quattro there is no direct contact with the tooth structure at all, meaning local anaesthesia is rarely required.
Laser dentistry
We also offer laser dentistry at our Weybridge clinic. This enables dentist Danny to undertake precise procedures with no danger of damage to surrounding tissues. Lasers also prevent bleeding inside the mouth by sealing off the blood vessels and nerve endings, which greatly reduces postoperative pain and swelling.
The dental laser can be used for a range of gum and soft-tissue procedures, as well as to treat patients with sensitive teeth, and as an alternative to traditional teeth whitening treatments.