Teeth straightening with 6 Month Smiles cosmetic braces

Using 6 Month Smiles cosmetic braces, your dentist can straighten your teeth both quickly and discreetly. At Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge, we offer this popular, subtle orthodontic treatment to patients aged 15 and above who are in need of mild to moderate correction of issues affecting the front teeth.
cosmetic-braces-weybridgeConventional orthodontic treatment can take anything from 18 months to three years to complete. Whilst it is often seen as a rite of passage for teenagers in the modern world, and won’t stand out that much at school or college, for adults with busy professional lifestyles, the idea of wearing metal braces for such lengthy periods can be enough to put them off seeking treatment.
At our Weybridge dental practice we are keen to point out that whatever system you use, straightening your teeth will bring health benefits, not least that straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, with fewer hard-to-reach areas in which plaque can build up.
So long as you practise good oral hygiene and visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, this will reduce your risk of both gum disease and tooth decay. Although they are referred to as “cosmetic” braces, you will reap this benefit from 6 Month Smiles, too.
Weybridge 6 Month Smiles
If you are interested in treatment with 6 Month Smiles, you are invited to join us for a consultation at Danny de Villiers Dentist, Weybridge. These braces are not meant to treat major issues with the bite, but if you are in need of mild to moderate aesthetic correction they could be the ideal treatment for you.
As you’ve no doubt already guessed form the name, the average treatment time with 6 Month Smiles is just half a year, and the majority of cases are complete within nine months. These braces focus on the front six teeth in the smile line, and use lower forces than standard orthodontic appliances for a more comfortable experience.
Comprised of tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets, 6 Month Smiles are a very discreet way to adjust the position of your teeth.