A dentist for every stage of life: how to stay healthy and happy

If there’s one thing that remains constant through all stages of life, it’s the need for a dentist. Weybridge clinic Danny de Villiers Dentist offers a full range of general, preventative, and restorative dental procedures. We welcome new patients of all ages for consultations and check-ups.
orthodontics-treatmentYour dental needs will change throughout life, and Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge will provide effective treatment whatever your age, and whatever your oral health problem.
Children should start to see the dentist from an early age – as soon as their first teeth start to appear. At our Weybridge dental practice we are highly experienced in working with young patients, ensuring that they feel safe and well-cared for at all times, and reducing the risk of dental phobia later in life.
Many children in the UK still suffer from unnecessary tooth decay. Your dentist will check for early signs of decay, will apply fluoride varnish and fissure sealant to strengthen and protect your child’s teeth, and will help them to understand how too many sugary treats are bad news for their dental health.
Orthodontic treatment is often best started during childhood; your Weybridge dentist will check for early signs of orthodontic issues.
Many teenagers wear braces, and at our Weybridge clinic we are strong advocates of non-extraction orthodontics, which is less stressful for your teen. Regular visits to the dentist also help your teenager to understand the impact of fizzy drinks and sugary treats on their oral health.
You need good dental care throughout adulthood to help your teeth stay healthy and strong. Some groups have specific oral health needs – pregnant women or those with reduced immune systems, for example.
It’s important to attend check-ups as often as your dentist recommends. An increasing number of UK adults are also taking an interest in cosmetic dentistry. Our Weybridge dentist offers a full range of aesthetic dental services.
Older people
If you look after your teeth, there is no reason for you to lose them as you get older. If you have experienced tooth loss, you still need to attend regular dental appointments to ensure your gums are healthy and your dentures secure.