Are You Regularly Brushing Your Teeth?

 teeth health smile dentistSome people are into the habit of not brushing their teeth, which may have unwanted health consequences. Is it time to change your habits?
Key takeaways:
– Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice every day — once before going to bed and one morning time during the day.
– Bacteria in the mouth will grow out of control if you don’t brush. Some bacteria will enter the bloodstream where they may cause coronary heart disease.
– Periodontitis may be a consequence of failing to brush. Periodontitis will affect the jaw bone and cause gum recession, leading to loose teeth that may eventually fall out.
If you don’t brush your teeth then the bugs that live in your mouth will literally take over. It also means that food particles will remain in your mouth which can cause bacteria to grow and cause bad breath.
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