Neanderthals used natural painkillers

 teeth health smile dentistThe latest research from Australia suggests that Neanderthals knew how to take care of their teeth. The research team was able to locate a set of teeth in caves across Europe and examined them with a dentist. The team and the dentist came to the conclusion that the thick layer of plaque on the teeth had protected the bacteria and food caught underneath.
This bacteria dates back 50,000 years and offers evidence of their diet. It also showed that Nenderthals know how to control tooth pain naturally.
There are three main takeaways from the fascinating research:

  1. The plaque was able to protect whatever was found underneath.
  2. There is evidence that the Neanderthals were eating poplar, which contains the same active ingredient that is found in aspirin today. It seems they were self-medicating.
  3. It would appear that they also were eating a natural antibiotic mold that is very similar to modern-day penicillium.

¬†This Neanderthal individual,”was eating poplar, which contains the painkiller salicylic acid (the active ingredient of aspirin)”
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