The "Root" Causes of Sensitive Teeth

teeth, health, smile,dentistA bright and healthy smile may require much more than timely trips to the dentist. Millions of individuals suffer from overly sensitive teeth. This condition could partially arise from everyday habits.
Why is it just as important to practice proper oral hygiene techniques as it is to speak with a dentist if any issues arise? Let us take a look at three situations which can cause increased sensitivity.
– Although mouthwash may help to brighten a smile, acids within its formulation can heighten sensitivity.
– Brushing too vigorously can scrape off enamel causing tooth pain and sensitivity.
– Eating too many acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits can affect sensitivity.
– Gritting one’s teeth may likewise cause this enamel to wear thin leading to pain.
“If you take frequent swigs of mouthwash throughout the day, you may be setting yourself up for sensitive teeth.”
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