How Technology is Improving Dental Services

teeth health smile dentistAdvances in digital technology have provided a wide range of benefits for dentists to smile about. From 3D printing to smart toothbrushes, the dentist now has a plethora of options to choose from, to help maintain their patients’ teeth.
These options allow practices to be run more efficiently, and treatments, for patient’s teeth, can be completed more quickly. Also, being able to show patients, in real time, which parts of their smile they’re neglecting, patients are better informed about their oral health.
Key messages:
– More efficient production of modals and items required for treatment plans.
– More efficient communication between staff in the dental practice.
– Better communication between the dentist and their patients, because the patient can see exactly what their treatment entails.
‘Digital practices are experiencing greater productivity, better communications with patients, and a more satisfied staff.’
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