Should Toothpaste Remain in Your Mouth After Brushing?

teeth health dentist smileWhile we have always been told to rinse and spit after brushing, this may actually be doing more harm than good. Dental researchers have found that leaving toothpaste residue within the mouth will help to strengthen enamel, to mitigate the effects of gum disease and to cut down on trips to the dentist.
In other words, enjoying a brighter smile may require us to slightly change our current habits.
– Brushing should occur a minimum of two times every day (or after every meal).
– While spitting out excess toothpaste is recommended, any remnant paste should remain in the mouth.
– This toothpaste may remain for up to ten minutes after an average brushing session. It is then safe to completely rinse.
“Over and over again, the research shows that the benefits only apply when the toothpaste stays in contact with the teeth.”
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