Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

smile health dentist teethIf ice or a hot drink triggers tooth pain you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. This occurs when the tooth’s tough, enamel coating has worn away causing the soft tissue (dentin) and tooth roots to become exposed. A dentist can check what has caused the exposure and offer appropriate treatment or advice. Some of the causes of enamel erosion include gum disease, teeth-grinding, broken fillings and simply brushing too hard.
Key takeaways
– Ask a dentist for an examination
– Avoid acidic foods like sugar
– Brush gently using a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth
It’s hard to maintain a smile when you experience tooth sensitivity but dentists can identify the cause and offer a solution.
“There are a number of ways that your tooth’s dentin and roots become exposed. Often, people who have sensitive teeth experience a combination of factors that lead to their tooth pain“.