Can Early Dental Care Lead to More Tooth Problems?

smile health dentist teethWhile many of us believe that visits to the dentist should begin as soon as a child’s teeth first enter, there is actually a significant amount of evidence that illustrates otherwise.
Recent studies suggest that children who receive preventative dental care before the age of two can have higher incidences of problems such as cavities and tooth decay. As a result, professionals are still not certain if early preventative care can lead to a brighter smile or trouble in the future.
Key messages:
– Preventative care seems to increase incidences of tooth decay.
– These figures can be as high as 20.6 per cent of the total surveyed population.
– It should be mentioned that this study did not take into account metrics such as water fluoridation.
Early preventive dental care was associated with more frequent subsequent treatment for tooth decay, more visits and more spending on dental care”
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