Acid Reflux and Your Teeth

teeth health smile dentistIf you suffer from acid reflux you must take extra care of your teeth. Traces of acid, entering the mouth from the esophagus, damages tooth enamel and cause it to wear away more quickly. Without protective enamel, teeth are more prone to cavities and other issues like tooth sensitivity. It is important to seek medical advice for acid reflux but there are ways to help manage the condition too.
Key takeaways:
– Avoid smoking, limit your alcohol intake and try to maintain a healthy weight
– Avoid sugary foods in your diet and learn to avoid foods which trigger your reflux
– Never lie down after eating a meal
See your dentist and doctor for treatment and to help maintain your smile.
“Once your enamel is gone, it doesn’t grow back. People who have damaged or missing enamel will often have to deal with the consequences for life.”
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