Three Reasons Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Important

smile health dentist teethFrequent brushing is one of the secrets to a winning smile, but the benefits of frequent brushing go beyond the aesthetic. Below we give you three reasons why you mustn’t overlook your dental hygiene.
Key takeaways:
– A study found that adults who don’t brush regularly are more likely to develop dementia
– Bacterial overgrowth due to infrequent brushing may be linked to heart disease
– Poor dental hygiene is now considered one of the triggers of diabetes
Moreover, researchers believe that poor dental hygiene may be behind all types of oral cancers, and is also responsible for an unpleasant condition known as gingivitis. In addition to teeth brushing, you can ensure you keep your oral hygiene in check by visiting your dentist once a year and avoiding foods and drinks that are known to cause cavities and other dental problems.
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