What Happens When You Chew On Your Nails

People who chew on their nails risk their health. Nail biting is a common and bad habit that could even last a lifetime. People do it from anxiety, stress and well, lack of a nail cutter. No matter your reason, nail biting will eventually ruin your teeth and smile. Here is what happens to your teeth every time you bite your nails.
Key takeaways:
– Bacteria from fingernails infects your whole body and makes your mouth acidic enough to facilitate cavities.
– Keratin (the hard substance that makes up our nails) chips your teeth, tears your gums and corrodes your enamel.
– Nail biting from anxiety could lead to Bruxism, a condition of grinding your teeth during stress, anxiety or sleeping.
Guard your teeth, smile and health. Use a nail cutter, apply other modes of stress relief and visit your dentist for checkups.
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