Tooth Abscesses

 teeth health smile dentistYour dentist wants to maintain your beautiful smile so schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of any dental problem. A tooth abscess is a nasty infection that can spread. It can even cause the loss of a tooth in serious cases. Infection enters the tooth through cavities or exposed, damaged areas and can occur inside the tooth or around it.
Although a badly infected tooth may still die, your dentist can use root canal therapy to clear the infection and then crown the tooth to protect it.
Key takeaways:
– Make a dental appointment if you experience pain when eating, fever, toothache or inflamed gums
– Symptoms vary an abscess may just present as a strange taste in the mouth
– Damaged, broken teeth and cavities offer easy access for bacteria to enter a tooth
Early treatment usually produces the best results.
“Tooth abscesses are most often caused by tooth decay.”