Imagining Dental Treatments Without Modern Conveniences

teeth health smile dentistSome of us associate a dentist with pain and apprehension. However, let us now imagine that we required medical treatment 13,000 years ago. How would ancient man maintain a healthy set of teeth and attractive (or at the very least functional) smile? These questions may have been answered. A team of researchers has discovered a well-preserved set of teeth that appear to have been medicinally modified.
What key takeaway points did they highlight and how may these impact our understanding of the history of dentistry?
– Small traces of bitumen could hint that the individual was trying to stem the effects of an infection.
– Plant fibres may indicate an early method of treating cavities.
– It is still not known whether these modifications were due to medicinal or ritualistic practices.
“…and using their microscopes, they identified the fibers inside the teeth as probably being put there while the caveperson was still alive.”
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