White Patches in Your Mouth: Leukoplakia

teeth health smile dentistLeukoplakia is a condition associated with white patches found on various portions of the mucous membranes within the mouth. Although these areas are normally painless, they can still impact a smile and it is a good idea to see a dentist if the condition does not improve or if the lesions persist.
While this illness does not impact the teeth directly, it could still be a result of poor oral hygiene or an additional underlying disorder. Some of the most prevalent symptoms include:
– Unexplained patches that range from white to grey in colour.
– These lesions can be found on the lining of the cheeks, around the gums or on the surface of the tongue.
– There can also be times when these patches will crack; resulting in a painful condition.
Leukoplakia is a condition that causes thick, plaque-like white patches on the tongue, gums, and lining of the mouth.”
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