How to Avoid Common Oral Health Problems

teeth health smile dentistWhile regular visits to the dentist can ensure a white smile, there are many additional habits that should always be embraced. Some of these tricks are common knowledge while others could come as a bit of a surprise. What do the experts have to say and what benefits are offered by following this advice? Let’s take a look at three top tips.
– It is better to drink water during a workout as opposed to sports drinks. These drinks contain massive amounts of sugar.
– Some research suggests that drinking excessive amounts of sparkling water may harm your teeth.
– It is best to avoid hard candies and even ice, as these can chip tooth enamel over time.
“Anything you do that increases the amount of sugar or acid in your mouth (e.g. slurping down sugary sodas) or dries your mouth out (e.g. snoring) has the potential to cause damage to your teeth.”
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