Gum disease and cirrhosis

teeth, health, smile,dentistSevere gum disease (periodontitis) and poor oral health are common in patients who have liver cirrhosis. Now studies are suggesting that severe gum disease can increase the risk of death in patients who have liver disease. Studies also suggest that gum disease has a negative effect on the course of other health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases.
Key takeaways:
– Between 1 and 2% of deaths in Europe are due to cirrhosis
– 35% of adults have gum disease
– More studies are needed to see if better gum care can help people with cirrhosis and other conditions
Great teeth and a beautiful smile are important but don’t forget to see a dentist regularly so that they can check the condition of your gums too.
Periodontitis is a bacterially induced inflammatory disease that affects the supporting tissues of the teeth“.
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