Antibacterial mouthwash may hurt health

teeth health dentist smileIf you brush your teeth with antibacterial toothpaste, you are helping keep teeth healthy. However, antibacterial mouthwash is a different story. Research by Colgate showed that toothpaste containing triclosan was beneficial to teeth. However, concerns have been raised about triclosan’s safety in mouthwash.
Scientists say that antibacterial mouthwash may interfere with how the body converts nitrates in our saliva which causes inflammation in the body over time. Your tongue is especially sensitive to antibacterials, and mouthwash containing triclosan can kill the good bacteria on the tongue.
Key takeaways
– Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and beets, which help increase the nitrate level in saliva.
– Avoid antibacterial mouthwash and only brush your teeth (not your tongue) with antibacterial toothpaste
– Speak to your dentist about choosing the right mouthwash for your oral care.
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