Less Visible Braces for Adults

teeth, smile, dentist, healthAlthough old-fashioned metal wire braces are still used today there are now other options available that are almost invisible to an observer. This makes having problem teeth straightened a more attractive proposition for adults who may otherwise feel too embarrassed to do so. Nearly invisible braces and methods include:
– Clear sliding brackets and memory wire to move the teeth into position
– Lingual braces are positioned on the backs of teeth making them almost unnoticeable to others
– Ceramic braces are like regular metal braces but use clear brackets to minimise their appearance
Thanks to scientific advances and modern techniques “there are options for skipping the metal braces” and your dentist will advise you as to which one is best suited to your particular needs. Further information can be found at http://yourdentalhealthresource.com/what-are-less-visible-orthodontic-treatment-options-for-adults/.