What You Should Know About the Advantages of Invisalign

Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth? While traditional metal braces are still available, a growing number of individuals are choosing clear plastic orthodontic trays known as Invisalign aligners.

While they are primarily intended to straighten your teeth, there are a handful of other interesting benefits which should not be ignored. Let us look at some of the most interesting.

The Aesthetic Edge

Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign system is nearly invisible. Those who are self-conscious about their teeth will therefore not feel embarrassed. This could be important for those who have been concerned about the impact of braces upon their personal or professional lives. While the visual presence of Invisalign is understated, the fact of the matter is that these aligners will still straighten teeth very quickly — in months, not years.

Enhanced Oral Hygiene

One of the drawbacks associated with braces is that they can be difficult to clean. Therefore, the chances of developing long-term issues such as cavities and gum disease are always present.

This is not the case with Invisalign aligners, as they can be removed during normal cleaning techniques such as brushing and flossing. In other words, users will not have to sacrifice their dental hygiene for a healthy and attractive smile.

Enjoy Your Favourite Foods

There are few restrictions in regards to which foods can be eaten with the Invisalign system. Unlike braces, they can be removed during meals. Users will not have to worry about sticky or crunchy foods, so their diets can remain the same throughout the duration of the treatment.

Faster Results

Braces will often require two years or longer to straighten your teeth. However, Invisalign trays can normally accomplish the same task within a single year. This is a massive benefit in terms of both time frames and overall results.

Invisalign is an excellent option to consider if you have been less than satisfied with the state of your smile. We should also mention that crooked teeth can lead to more serious health issues in the future.

This is why it is a good idea to consult with an orthodontist to learn more about your options.

SOURCE: “What are the Greatest Benefits of Invisalign?”

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