cracked tooth

Is it Better to Repair a Broken Tooth or to Have it Completely Replaced?

Our teeth are extremely delicate structures ad unfortunately, unintentional damage can occur from time to time. Whether resulting from an accidental fall or playing contact sports, experiencing a broken tooth is not entirely uncommon. 

Of course, treating this situation as soon as possible is critical if you hope to avoid further complications. This brings us to an important point. Is it better to repair a cracked tooth or should it be replaced? Let us answer this question by looking at three situations and what is the best course of action for each.

Minor Chips and Cracks

If a dentist determines that the damage is not too severe, a dental crown might be able to solve the problem. Crowns are intended to prevent further damage and to restore the initial appearance of the tooth. These are essentially non-invasive procedures and they can work wonders for smaller issues. 

Severe Damage

If the tooth has been severely cracked or if a large portion is missing, it could be better to opt for a complete extraction. This is normally required if a tooth happens to break below the gum line. 

During such a situation, a crown cannot be attached and root canals will often prove ineffective. There can even be times when a fracture has occurred and it is not visible to the naked eye. This is why it is important to consult with a dentist. You will also be able to discuss the options for a tooth replacement. 

Instances When a Root Canal is Needed

Assuming that a major crack has occurred or the top of the tooth is missing, it may be possible to perform a root canal. This procedure will remove the entire nerve; preventing the possibility of a subsequent infection. 

Additional restoration work such as the installation of a crown can then take place. The good news is that modern root canals are essentially the equivalent of having a cavity filled, so there is no reason to fear such an option. 

See Your Dentist Right Away

Breaking a tooth is certainly not a pleasant experience. Still, always remember that there are numerous options to consider. If you suspect that one of your teeth has been recently damaged, it is critical to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. Taking a proactive approach is one of the best ways to be presented with the greatest number of options.