The Risks to Your Oral Health from Crooked Teeth

Compared to our ancestors, our jaws have become smaller as we have evolved. This reduction in jaw size means there is now less room for our teeth to come through properly. Therefore, having crooked teeth or slightly misaligned teeth is quite a common occurrence.

And while for the majority there will not be any direct pain or discomfort from this, crooked teeth can still result in oral health issues.

One of the main issues arising from crooked teeth is the increasing difficulty in brushing the teeth thoroughly. The more significant the misalignment of teeth, the harder they become to clean adequately when brushing and flossing. 

It becomes harder to reach all surfaces of the teeth and gums which allows plaque to build in areas missed. The result is an increased risk from gum disease, irritated gums and cavities due to tooth decay.

A practical problem from crooked teeth is difficulty chewing. Being able to properly chew your food is important for your digestion. However, it can be more difficult when teeth are crooked — which makes you more prone to swallowing food which that not been sufficiently broken down. 

Another practical issue — you may struggle to pronounce words correctly. If you often mispronounce words, this can understandably knock your self-confidence.

Jaw disorders are also more common with crooked teeth. The temporomandibular joints sit at the base of the skull and connect the lower and upper jaws. These joints allow you to move your jaw in order to speak and chew comfortably. 

Those who have misaligned teeth are at more risk of suffering with disorders of this jaw joint. These disorders can result in jaw pain, headaches, muscle issues and could also potentially restrict how far you can open your mouth. 

Crooked teeth may also accelerate teeth shifting beyond their natural rate. Our teeth do shift over time but this can be hastened beyond the normal rate because of misaligned teeth.

You can do something about crooked teeth and their consequences. In consultation with your dentist, you will be advised of the treatments available to best correct your misaligned teeth. 

Regardless of how old you are, modern dentistry offers a range of treatment options. From metal and ceramic braces to clear aligners, your dentist can realign your teeth — helping you to prevent any discomfort and dental health issues arising from having crooked teeth. 

With straight teeth, you’ll also have a nicer smile! If crooked teeth are bothering you, talk with Danny the Dentist about orthodontic treatment. No-one ever regrets having a nice smile.