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Grind Your Teeth? Try These Tips

Bruxism, the habit of teeth grinding, can be very harmful to the teeth and should always be treated by a dentist. Grinding exerts extreme pressure on the teeth and can lead to inflamed gums, loss of tooth enamel, chips, fractures and even loose or broken teeth. 

While professional help from a dentist is required, there are also a number of measures that can be taken to minimise the effects of bruxism.

  • Reduce stress by identifying the triggers that cause anxiety and leads to grinding the teeth
  • Exercise the jaw muscles with gentle stretching and use correct sitting posture to prevent tension of the jaw, neck and shoulders
  • Physical therapy can also be helpful with exercises targeted on reducing tension in the shoulders and jaw

Massage can also help with chronic tension in the jaw muscles and this can be done by a professional therapist or even by oneself once given the proper instruction. 

Although these methods can be useful in limiting the frequency and effects of bruxism it is a serious dental condition with possible long-term harmful effects. 

If teeth grinding is starting to become a habit then it is time to consult a dentist who can decide on the most effective course of treatment for each individual case. 

More information can be found at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/reduce-your-teeth-grinding-with-these-simple-exercises/