damon braces

Damon Braces For Your Child? For You?

Braces are some of the most popular orthodontic treatments on the market due to their well-established benefits. However, some children may be wary about being fitted — as they don’t want the noticeable metal braces or the discomfort. 

One interesting alternative which has a growing popularity involves a system known as Damon braces. How do these braces function and what benefits can they provide — for children and adults?

A Quick Look at Damon Braces

Traditional metal braces involve a series of metal brackets that are connected to rubber bands. The main intention is to straighten crooked teeth over time by applying certain amounts of pressure to specific areas. 

However, the aesthetics of metal braces leave much to be desired. Another potential drawback is the fact that the rubber bands can be painful due to the amount of pressure that they place upon nearby teeth.

Damon braces do not suffer from these pitfalls. The brackets themselves are clear, with the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Damon braces also utilise a system that does not require rubber bands. Therefore, children will experience much less discomfort throughout the treatment — key to a successful outcome. 

Convenience and Simplicity

Children are often wary about visiting the dentist or orthodontist. The good news is that Damon braces will not need to be adjusted as frequently. Fewer sessions equate to less pain immediately after an adjustment. This is great news for children and adults alike. 

The rather unobtrusive nature of Damon braces is likewise important in terms of cleaning and maintenance. As food particles are less likely to become trapped around the brackets, the chances of developing tooth decay are dramatically reduced. Children can also brush and floss with less effort, crucial in terms of avoiding issues such as cavities and gum disease. 

We can now begin to appreciate why Damon braces are becoming popular for both children and adults alike. 

Would you like to learn more about how these unique systems function? Are Damon braces the right choice for your child or teenager — or for an adult?

In either case, speak with Danny the Dentist. He will be able to explain this system in greater detail and to point you in the right direction.