Handling Teeth Grinding In Your Child

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If your child wakes up with headaches, see the dentist immediately. This may be a sign of teeth Grinding (bruxism) which is a common habit that causes enamel erosion, cracking and gum inflammation. Here’s more.

Key points:

– Confirm if your child is stressed and seek stress-relieving remedies.

– Prevent anxiety and hyperactivity especially in children with ADHD and ADD.

– Have your child wear a mouthguard to sleep in order to protect teeth.

– Visit the dentist to assess any underlying dental problems like misaligned bites.

Watch out for signs like cracks and jaw pain. Also, see the dentist regularly for checkups and treatment.

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Tooth Whitening, Dentures and Implants

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You can have a bright white smile if you have dentures or implants. But there are things you will need to consider:

– It’s best to get teeth whitened before re any tooth restoration treatment, so the dentist can match the colour of your implant or denture with your teeth at their best.

– Implants are made from porcelain which is stain resistant and also resistant to whitening

– Dentures are created from a different material that does absorb stains, but doesn’t benefit from whitening

– A professional polishing can help keep dentures fresh, but they may need to be replaced later.

Consult your dentist for professional tooth whitening.

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Dealing with Loose Baby Teeth

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Losing baby teeth is a natural part of the growing process. Parents should be aware of some of the steps to take in order to ensure that their little ones do well. Let’s look at three takeaway suggestions to keep in mind.

– Do not pull out a tooth; let it fall out naturally.

– Encourage the child to wiggle the tooth back and forth.

– Visit a dentist to ensure that there are no problems.

“Baby teeth help guide permanent teeth into place, so losing a baby tooth early can impact your child’s future smile.”

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Bad Breath: Causes and Cures

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Unless bad breath is caused by gum disease or an underlying medical condition, the problem is usually easy to avoid or treat. The most common causes are either improper dental care or eating the wrong foods. Smoking is also a recognised culprit.

Avoiding bad breath can be achieved by following some basic guidelines:

– Take proper care of teeth and gums and visit the dentist regularly

– Avoid “smelly” foods like onions, garlic and strongly flavoured snacks

– Use a good anti-bacterial mouthwash

Rinsing the mouth regularly with water also helps as “trapped food also adds to the problem” and allows bacteria to accumulate on the teeth and gums. Read more about avoiding bad breath at https://www.modernghana.com/news/895255/bad-breath-and-what-to-do.html


Did You Know the Menopause Can Affect Your Teeth?

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The change in estrogen levels seen in the menopause can have a detrimental impact on your teeth:

– The menopause can cause dry mouth, worsened gum disease and potential tooth loss due to osteoporosis of the jaw bone (all a result of lower estrogen levels).

– Good oral care is vital during the menopause to maintain a healthy smile.

– Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss any concerns about your oral health during the menopause.

“You might be surprised to know that your teeth and gums may experience some changes with the onset of menopause.”

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How to Keep Cavity-Free with Better Food Habits

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Research points to a link between the health of our teeth and gums and our eating habits. Good nutrition is vital for good oral health, which in turn is key for good overall health.

Key takeaways:

– Drinking tap water helps reduce cavities since it does not contain sugar and washes away food stuck to teeth.
– Some foods are not as good for your teeth as you may think, including fruit drinks and sticky dried fruits like raisins.
– Snacking on foods high in sugar through the day feeds the bacteria which cause cavities.
“Most people think only candy causes cavities, but much of the food we eat like chips, crackers, and bread contain carbohydrates that turn into sugars in the mouth.”
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Should You Worry About Jaw Ache?

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Although jaw ache is a fairly common problem, if you experience it, you shouldn’t ignore it nor hope it will go away on its own. There are various causes of jaw ache including:
– Teeth grinding
– Teeth clenching
– Gum disease
– Cavities
– Abscess
Jaw ache can lead to issues such as migraine, muscle tension and ear ache. As the causes are linked to oral health, you should book a visit to the dentist who will be able to advise the best treatment …
… “Or, if you suspect that the grinding is most likely related to stress, visit your GP or confide in a friend for help in managing your stress levels.”
More information is available here: https://www.glamour.co.za/wellness/fitness-exercise/this-is-why-you-should-never-ignore-jaw-ache-17536395

What Is An Abscess?

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An abscess is a painful swelling at the root of an infected tooth. An abscess develops as a result of severe gum disease or an infected tooth:

– Treatment depends on how severe the abscess is.

– The dentist will either drain the pus from the abscess with a lance or perform a root canal filling on the affected tooth to remove the infected pulp.

– In severe cases, the tooth may have to be extracted; luckily it can be replaced with a dental implant to preserve your smile.

“The abscess itself—which is a swollen area typically filled with pus—forms at the root of the tooth that’s infected.”

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Proper Dental Care Could Help Your Blood Pressure

teeth, health , smile, dentistResearch shows that there are more reasons than ever before to see your dentist at least twice a year. Gum disease may be linked to problems with blood pressure. What have recent studies uncovered?

– Those diagnosed with gum disease may not derive as much benefit from blood pressure medications.

– Regular dental cleanings and good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease.

“Researchers reviewed medical and dental records of more than 3,600 people diagnosed with high blood pressure.”

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Excessive Use of Antibiotics is Bad For Your Mouth

teeth, health , smile, dentistHave you been looking for ways to protect your teeth while lessening trips to the dentist? You might be surprised to learn that oral bacteria can play an important role. Let us briefly examine what many scientists have discovered in recent years.

– Some types of ‘beneficial’ bacteria can help to prevent fungal infections within the mouth.

– These helpful bacteria also play a role in reducing inflammation.

– Taking antibiotics too frequently can kill these ‘good’ bacteria.

– Limit the use of antibiotics to only the most serious infections — so you will protect the ‘good’ bacteria.

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