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Will You Be Able to Straighten Your Teeth if You Have Veneers?

Thanks to amazing advancements in modern technology, there are a host of options at our disposal if we wish to correct issues with our smile. Dental veneers are now some of the most popular options due to their versatility. Veneers can be used to cover up stains, fix chips or cracks, fill in gaps or to rectify the appearance of a crooked or uneven tooth.

It is therefore no surprise that countless patients have already chosen these methods. However, some are curious if it is possible to have their teeth straightened when they have veneers. This is a good question and we will examine the answers below in greater detail so that you can make the best decision at the appropriate time.

Are Braces Possible?

Many patients will wonder whether or not it is possible to attach metal braces to a veneer. Yes! The majority of dentists can work with veneers although the brackets might not be placed directly onto the surface. They will instead be affixed to nearby teeth. The good news is that veneers which have been cared for properly should normally not present any issues when working with traditional braces. In the rare event that the adhesive used to attach the bracket to the veneer creates a slight discolouration, the dentist will be able to polish the surface to its former glory.

What About Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most innovative methods when dealing with crooked teeth. As opposed to working with braces, a clear plastic aligner is employed to gently “guide” the teeth into place. This aligner can be removed to clean your teeth and it is virtually invisible.

As the aligner will not directly impact the surface of a veneered tooth, many dentists and orthodontists prefer this method. Still, keep in mind that Invisalign might not be suited for all patients. Your dentist will tell you if you are an appropriate candidate.

Summarily, it is normally possible to work with veneers through the use of braces or (more commonly) Invisalign aligners. If you would like to learn more about what these clear solutions have to offer, please visit our web page: https://dannythedentist.co.uk/invisible-braces-weybridge/

Our commitment at Danny de Villiers Dentist Weybridge is to personalised, holistic health care, which puts the individual needs of the patient at the centre of everything we do. You can visit our website: https://www.dannythedentist.co.uk/

Source: “Can I Have Braces or Invisalign if I Have Dental Veneers?”

Tooth Whitening, Dentures and Implants

teeth, health , smile, dentistYou can have a bright white smile if you have dentures or implants. But there are things you will need to consider:

– It’s best to get teeth whitened before re any tooth restoration treatment, so the dentist can match the colour of your implant or denture with your teeth at their best.

– Implants are made from porcelain which is stain resistant and also resistant to whitening

– Dentures are created from a different material that does absorb stains, but doesn’t benefit from whitening

– A professional polishing can help keep dentures fresh, but they may need to be replaced later.

Consult your dentist for professional tooth whitening.

This article contains more information: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/can-you-get-professional-teeth-whitening-if-you-have-dental-implants-or-dentures/



Dealing with Loose Baby Teeth

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Losing baby teeth is a natural part of the growing process. Parents should be aware of some of the steps to take in order to ensure that their little ones do well. Let’s look at three takeaway suggestions to keep in mind.

– Do not pull out a tooth; let it fall out naturally.

– Encourage the child to wiggle the tooth back and forth.

– Visit a dentist to ensure that there are no problems.

“Baby teeth help guide permanent teeth into place, so losing a baby tooth early can impact your child’s future smile.”

Learn more about children’s teeth here:



Should You Worry About Jaw Ache?

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Although jaw ache is a fairly common problem, if you experience it, you shouldn’t ignore it nor hope it will go away on its own. There are various causes of jaw ache including:
– Teeth grinding
– Teeth clenching
– Gum disease
– Cavities
– Abscess
Jaw ache can lead to issues such as migraine, muscle tension and ear ache. As the causes are linked to oral health, you should book a visit to the dentist who will be able to advise the best treatment …
… “Or, if you suspect that the grinding is most likely related to stress, visit your GP or confide in a friend for help in managing your stress levels.”
More information is available here: https://www.glamour.co.za/wellness/fitness-exercise/this-is-why-you-should-never-ignore-jaw-ache-17536395

Fitting an Implant-Supported Bridge

teeth, health , smile, dentistWhether to replace one tooth or several, an implant-supported bridge is probably what your dentist will recommend. Once a patient is deemed to be a good candidate for this form of restorative work, the actual procedure is quite simple and relatively quick. Basically, the steps are as follows:

– Implants are fitted and fixed into the jawbone

– The implants are allowed time to fuse with the bone

– A temporary bridge will probably be fitted while the permanent bridge is constructed

When the bridge is securely fitted the dentist will attach “crowns that match your natural teeth” to the implants. More detailed information can be found at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/what-is-an-implant-supported-bridge/


Antibiotics May Cause Yellowed Teeth

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Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking are well-known causes of yellow or discoloured teeth but antibiotics could also be a contributing factor. This is particularly true in the case of children who may also have been exposed to antibiotics while still in the womb.

Those most affected are children:

– who were given antibiotics before the age of eight

– whose mother took antibiotics during pregnancy

– who have thinner tooth enamel due to genetics

Children who were given antibiotics in the early years “may have teeth that are naturally darker” and details regarding the intake of antibiotics should be made known to the child’s dentist. More information can be found at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/why-are-my-teeth-turning-yellow/.


Signs that You Have Misaligned Teeth

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While a dentist can easily determine if you have misaligned teeth, there are several warning signs which you should be aware of. What are three common situations? Appreciating the symptoms below will enable you to seek help when the time is right.
– Your teeth are showing symptoms of uneven wear.
– You have pain in your jaw for no apparent reason.
– You tend to grind your teeth (a condition also known as bruxism.
”Many people have a misaligned bite, but not everyone will have symptoms.”
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What Are Receding Gums and How Are They Treated?

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Receding gums occur when the gum pulls back exposing more of the tooth than normal, resulting in sensitivity and pain.

– Teeth grinding can be resolved with a mouthguard worn during sleep.

– Gum disease can be the cause, and must be treated to prevent tooth loss.

– Overly zealous brushing can lead to receding gums, so you may need to change your brushing technique.

“Without healthy gum tissue, teeth are less likely to survive.”

Read the full story here: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/what-are-receding-gumlines-and-how-are-they-treated/